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PSHE Education Review

You can post your response to the PSHE education until the end of the day. So if you have not done so already, then please follow the link and submit a response, even if you only answer one of the … Continue reading

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Politics and the Primary Teacher

Dr Peter Cunningham of Homerton College (Cambridge) who is Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education has written a book entitled “Politics and the Primary Teacher”, to be published by Routledge on December 13th. Having had a privileged preview of … Continue reading

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Intelligences and the Brain – today on the BBC

. The featured scientist on “The Life Scientific” this morning (Radio 4, 9.00am) was Nicky Clayton. Professor of Comparative Cognition at the University of Cambridge and fellow of The Royal Society, Nicky Clayton says intelligence in birds like crows and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Social Policy

3Di’s understanding of social intelligence involves, amongst other things, awareness of others, respect for their concerns and problems, empathy for their hopes and fears, and a willingness to negotiate and compromise on aims and aspirations.

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Innovation in Education

As you can gather from the rest of the 3Di website, we’re very keen on innovation and forward-thinking in education. Anyone who fails to grasp that motivation, learning and creativity are being hugely impacted by new generations of lightweight and … Continue reading

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PSHE Review Deadline Approaching

The Department of Education is currently undertaking a review of PSHE in parallel with the review of the national curriculum. The Department has already said that PSHE will not be given statutory status as a curriculum subject. However, the Department … Continue reading

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Morals and Ethics in Business

Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome blog, wrote an interesting column in the Guardian recently. He took up a theme that was running in the media all last week – can capitalism have a human face? Is there a possibility … Continue reading

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