Blog 101


As of yesterday, 3Di has published its first 100 blogs.

Room 101

My son has just finished reading “Animal Farm” and has made the obvious connection with our chaotic society in 2012. I’m glad he is capable of doing this, and isn’t it incredible that such a novel is as meaningful today as it was when it was written – more’s the pity.

We are influenced by great people in our lives, sometimes without even realising it. We are often influenced by others without acknowledging it. We hope that through our 100 blogs we have shown just how much we are influenced by the great and the good in our thinking, as well as challenged by the ignorant and the ill-informed.

We also hope that we are influencing and informing others through our writing, and thank all our readers for their support and generous comments over the last 100 blogs.

George Orwell influenced many with his writing. His Room 101 has become part of our thoughtscape, with some of our younger folk not even realising that it was the vile ‘rat’ room in “1984”, where one’s worst fears and phobias were gathered together in a terrifying interrogation chamber.

We all have our special Room 101 – in some cases which is overcrowded with our insecurities and concerns – but today we intend to put a more positive connotation on that number.

101 is a positive score in cricket – when a batsman goes past the all important first century.

It’s now our turn to do the same.

From now on, we’ll use the post after our centenaries to index our blogs for the reader. There are tags on the side of the blog that you can refer to but we thought it would be useful for our readers to be able to look at what we have written easily, according to their particular interests.

The following list is a summary and clearly many of the posts could be in more than one of the sections but we have taken the leading theme of each blog to categorise it.

This task in itself has highlighted the fact that we have many areas of interest but also it’s almost impossible to separate the most significant issues in life into separate subjects.

We don’t focus on multiple intelligences simply for the sake of it. So much of life is reliant on the intelligences working together, so the separation and categorisation in this 101 summary is somewhat contrived.

We hope you find this useful.

Once more, can we remind our readers that we are very eager to hear your views and comments on our blogs and their various themes. We look forward to the continuing dialogue we already enjoy with our readers.

We are indebted to some of our readers for reblogging some of our blogs and sending tweets to their twitter followers with links to our blog.

We are passionate about education and children’s rights and out aim is to create a worldwide community of people who share our concerns and maintain a dialogue with one another.


Multiple Intelligences


Pedagogy and teachers




Wellbeing and happiness


Information technology






Creativity: art, music and literacy


Social policy and social intelligence


Spiritual Intelligence


Instinctual intelligence


Philosophy, morality and values



PSHE Education




About 3D Eye

Gary Foskett and Clare Blackhall are educationalists, writers and consultants. We work with schools and other organisations who share our vision of how schools, businesses, etc should work in the 21st Century. We also run courses and contribute to conferences - speaking about our three dimensional model of intelligences and how schools, colleges and universities can develop the full potential of all their staff and students. We also offer consultancy for businesses and public sector organisations to support staff training and organisational change and development. For more detailed information read our blog at or see our website at
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