3D Eye – One Year On

Approaching one year since the launch of our current website and its blog – 3D Eye on WordPress – on 11.11.11 to be exact – it’s time to take stock on 10.11.12 and see where we are.

It’s been an interesting year in the world of education: there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. It’s never been our intention to keep a journal of events, but we’ve found ourselves commenting on the changing scene as we’ve gone about our lives and our business.

Changing the way we think about intelligences.”

With the passing of time we’ve come to realise, thanks to some very positive feedback from some very loyal and appreciative readers, that our 3Di website and our WordPress blogging efforts on “3D Eye” have created a free-access source of ideas about education and about human intelligences that can benefit anyone who is interested in these key aspects of our societies and of ourselves. We intend to go on adding to this body of work.

It’s been very pleasing for us to have certain readers suggest that these posts on 3D Eye ought to be more widely available and more widely read. The question is – how do we connect with more people and develop our readership? It looks as though we need more “associates”.

Certain readers have been kind enough to re-blog some of our posts, and some have re-tweeted our tweets. What we’d now like to ask is whether any of our regular ‘followers’ and readers feel able to send out a message on Facebook or Twitter or email or whatever social media they use to suggest to their friends, families, contacts and associates that they take a look at 3D Eye.

If so, we’d ask that you publicise our blog name and address – 3D Eye – https://3diassociates.wordpress.com/ and our Twitter address – 3D Eye @3diassociates.

In the future we intend to become even more of an ‘information exchange’ – a place where people can go to read extracts from other blogs and newspaper articles, to find links to those blogs and articles, to increase their knowledge and understanding of the key issues in education, schooling, learning and the development of human potential.

We’ll also continue our efforts to fully explain the 3Di model of six human intelligences, and clarify how those intelligences balance one another and interact with one another. We know from experience that when people begin to appreciate that ‘intellect’ is but one aspect of our brain’s functioning, and understand that we also operate intelligently in several other ways (or not, as the case may be) then they can gain a whole different perspective of themselves (and other people) as a human being. We also know that people who recognise the need to develop every intelligence in order to maximise potential and become fully evolved humans with a capacity for creativity and imagination, then they also begin to question the proper aims of education and think again about what schools offer (and often fail to offer) children and young people.

We leave you with two final thoughts.

1. We believe that our 3D model of multiple human intelligences is important and unique – since many people have told us that this is the case. We’re very happy to freely share it with any individual who is interested in it, on the basis that if they use it in any commercial context then they acknowledge its source.

2. We believe that the ‘traditional’ model of education and learning that is still practised in many countries is profoundly misconceived, and wastes the talents and the learning abilities of millions of children. As to whether 3Di has a different model to put in its place, the answer to this is – yes we do, and it’s the model that’s already been adopted throughout Finland, and is now being adopted by several other countries that have learnt from Finland and understood the need for a new learning paradigm. Throughout the world there are many excellent schools that already work to the principles of the ‘Finnish model’, in spite of this taking them out of the mainstream. Indeed there are many gifted teachers who work to this model of ‘progressive’ education in spite of doing so against the mainstream within their own schools.

Widespread enlightened change will only come about when more and more parents, and more and more teachers and school leaders, start to demand change, and thereby force our political leaderships to take note of their demands which are made on behalf of all children. We’re not confident that this will happen, and we’re extremely saddened to witness the changes that are being forced on the education systems of the UK and the US which we believe are completely against the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

All we can do, however, is to be part of a grassroots effort that seeks to create much better systems and much better schools for all our children, on the basis that we are all people with multiple intelligences that continue to develop and grow throughout life.

Best wishes


About 3D Eye

Gary Foskett and Clare Blackhall are educationalists, writers and consultants. We work with schools and other organisations who share our vision of how schools, businesses, etc should work in the 21st Century. We also run courses and contribute to conferences - speaking about our three dimensional model of intelligences and how schools, colleges and universities can develop the full potential of all their staff and students. We also offer consultancy for businesses and public sector organisations to support staff training and organisational change and development. For more detailed information read our blog at https://3diassociates.wordpress.com/ or see our website at www.3diassociates.com.
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6 Responses to 3D Eye – One Year On

  1. brennagee says:

    You know I’ll promote 3Di. I’ll tweet and put a link to your site on my Facebook fan page.


  2. Congratulations Gary and Claire for your brilliant work and dedication to education! I for one have enjoyed your thought provoking posts greatly and wish that many more will have the opportunity to learn and understand education from a whole new mindset and understanding.
    If I may add my little feedback to your great first year of sharing your thoughts to the blogging world, I think the contents and material of this blog would be more accessible if the posts could be broken down to shorter articles over the week instead of one long one. You guys are clearly not short in content that’s for sure! I have found your posts to be informative, clear, relevant and most importantly sorely needed to reach more learning centres, educators and the education sector at all levels.
    I wish you great success in your labour and selfless passion to tap into the full potential of each student and to bring learning and education to a whole new level as never before. Thank you so much. Your reader, Sharon


    • 3D Eye says:

      Those are wonderful words of encouragement, Sharon, and we thank you for them very sincerely. It means so much to us that gifted writers and thinkers such as yourself have taken the time to comment on this post. We continue to read your blog for so many enlightened thoughts on spiritual intelligence, so beautifully expressed. We’ll also try very hard to cut down on our ramblings, or, as you say, divide them into more digestible pieces. We’ve thought about this issue many times ourselves, but have had small success so far in crafting our pieces into more readable posts. We will continue to look to your work for example and inspiration – both the writing and the photographs. Much love, Gary.


  3. Professions for PEACE says:

    Congratulations on this eve of your one year anniversary! And while WP is the only social media I am currently involved in, I will certainly take your recommendation and shall encourage my friends and family through emails to visit your wonderful site and especially this amazing blog. Keep up the terrific and important work! You are making a difference. And you are greatly appreciated. Namaste. Gina


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