3 Responses to Holistic Personal and Social Development

  1. Mark This says:

    Hi and thanks for posting this thoughtful piece around the area of social and personal development in our schools. I have done some work with schools around some of these areas. I was invited into a school after the G8 protests in Edinburgh and London in 2005 and then developed a workshop based on tracking the journey of a typical school uniform. This encouraged conversations around the growing of cotton, the movement of consumables around the globe and the broader costs of our economic system. The teachers involved seemed relieved to have someone from outside the education system come in and engage their students in discussions that were led by the students interests and questions. I really enjoyed the whole interaction and would love to see more schools encouraging this type of interaction.

    Thanks again, Mark This.


  2. behrfacts says:

    Nice post. This is an area I am trying to understand so thank you very much for exploring the issues and it would be good to make contact about it if you wish.


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