Harajuku Comes to London

Sometimes we remember how fortunate we are to live in a vibrant and exciting city. In any given week there’s such a variety of places to visit, things to see – many of which cost little or nothing.

Hyper Japan Mascot © 3Di Associates Photography

Last weekend we went to the “Hyper Japan” exhibition at Earls Court. Being particularly hopeless at packing, I didn’t leave enough space in my suitcase for all the gifts I wanted to bring back from Japan at the end of our spring visit. So I thought I might manage to find a few Japanese-made Christmas presents for family and friends. Perhaps, on reflection, I should have paid more attention to the “Hyper” part of the advert for this event.

Although there were some items on sale that demonstrated the traditional qualities of all that Japan has to offer aesthetically, we mainly witnessed a side of the country to which the older generations of our party were oblivious to.

Luckily, my son has since informed me of the amazing world of Anime, the brilliance of Manga, and the delights of Cos-players (costume players, dressing up as characters in traditional stories or computer games) and Cross-Players (men dressing up as female characters and vice versa).

Even Radio Four’s Today programme was getting in on the act this week, discussing graphic novels – which in our terms might be described as comic books.

Enjoy our trip into a new world where this part of London became the equivalent of a Sunday stroll in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo – with Harajuki dressing to boot.

It’s good to open our eyes to different worlds and different generations from time to time.



Men dressed as woman and women dressed as men – cross players                       © 3Di Associates Photography

Subtle pinks and blues                                                                 © 3Di Associates Photography

More players in pink                                                                               © 3Di Associates Photography

The Queen of Hearts                                                                              © 3Di Associates Photography

Traditional and Anime combined                                   © 3Di Associates Photography

Stallholders at Hyper Japan                                                         © 3Di Associates Photography

Pretty in Pink ©                                                                                               3Di Associates Photography

Brilliant eyes                                                                                            © 3Di Associates Photography

Graphic books – Manga                                                                       © 3Di Associates Photography

Christmas paper chains                                                                            © 3Di Associates Photography

Finger hair clips                                                                                        © 3Di Associates Photography

Colourful boots                                                                                                 © 3Di Associates Photography

Whacky wigs                                                                                          © 3Di Associates Photography

Osakan Street food                                                                                  © 3Di Associates Photography

Preparing for Kendo                                                              © 3Di Associates Photography

Traditional dress was on display too                                                                        © 3Di Associates Photography

Bells                                                                © 3Di Associates Photography

Colours and cranes                                                                                       © 3Di Associates Photography

Christmas macaroons                                                                   © 3Di Associates Photography

Autumn leaves                                                                            © 3Di Associates Photography

Beautiful Obi’s                                                                                     © 3Di Associates Photography

Japanese doll keyrings                                                                          © 3Di Associates Photography

Simplicity                                                                             © 3Di Associates Photography

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