3 Responses to Compass Education Inquiry: Part Two

  1. Ann Walker says:

    This is a very interesting initiative exploring some big issues and questions. It would be good to see concepts of lifelong learning incorporated into the Inquiry, or clarification that the focus is on school-based learning rather than ‘education’.

    Education is for all stages of life and not just for children and young people in schools.

    Family learning also has a key role in children’s education. Commissioners have collected evidence recently for the NIACE-led Inquiry into Family Learning and will be publishing a report later this year (http://www.niace.org.uk/current-work/family-learning-inquiry).

    Look forward with interest to following the Education Inquiry.


    • 3D Eye says:

      Many thanks Ann for your comment and for that link. Our own view is that lifelong learning, which includes family learning and indeed homeschooling, will be a key issue. Our hope is that the inquiry will study very carefully the need for learning to be something that’s enjoyable and meaningful to individuals throughout school and throughout their lives. The Internet has created, and will continue to enable, opportunities for millions of us to pursue learning from the comfort of our own homes, but we still need to promote the idea of communities of learners, facilitated by skilled tutors and enablers, meeting together to support one another and deepen learning and understanding through debate and discussion. It’s also vital that there are lifelong opportunities to update and extend academic qualifications. We think this is potentially a very exciting time in which education right across the board is being reinvented and not simply ‘reformed’. (see also https://3diassociates.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/rearranging-the-deckchairs/) If you or the WEA would like to send us your thoughts on your areas of special interest we’ll make sure they’re fed into the inquiry, and thereby help shape the agenda for the inquiry.


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