Ofsted Consultation: Last Day

We appreciate that it’s a Friday, it’s December and time is extremely limited but if you haven’t already done so, try to post a brief response to Ofsted on their “Better Inspection for all” consultation.

Ofsted better insepctions

You can find the consultation here.

Here’s a summary of our own response to the consultation.


This is a real opportunity to be heard. Ofsted are seeking views on some significant changes including,

  • a common inspection framework for all institutions and educational settings from the age of 2- 18
  • changes to the judgement criteria
  • introduction of shorter inspections for schools judged as “good” or “outstanding”
  • Inspection of “non-association” independent schools

Within the changes to the judgement criteria Ofsted is asking whether there ought to be a separate judgement on curriculum. With changes in legislation and the fact that that academies and free schools don’t have to adhere to the National Curriculum, we think it’s vital that there’s a separate judgement on curriculum.

We also agree with and welcome Ofsted’s proposal to change the existing “Behaviour and Safety of pupils” judgement to the broadened “Personal development, behaviour and welfare” – though we have made it very clear that we think that this should be renamed using the word “wellbeing” rather than “welfare” as this reflects the wording in the 2006 Education Act on promoting wellbeing.

There are some important changes to the language used in these proposals that should be commended and reiterated through a response to the consultation. “Achievement” is used as well as “attainment” – reflecting the fact that there’s more to the purpose of education and schools than what appears on the league tables. “Learning” as well as “teaching” is emphasised – another positive inclusion. Also, there’s more focus on progress of the individual rather than conformity to imposed standards.

All of these points have to be embraced as potentially positive changes irrespective of one’s overall view of Ofsted as a concept.

Ofsted has listened. By the very fact that they are consulting on the changes shows that they are prepared to listen more. That’s why it’s so important that the views of the many are reflected in the submissions they receive.

Further comments on our own submission are on the link above.

Have a good weekend.

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